BTW 002 – The Start Of A Cool New Trilogy

BTW PodcastYay! You’re back this week!  😉

So this week I don’t remember saying what I would put a link to this week so I will just put up some fun links!

Links & Videos of the week!

This is a cool card trick that I learned this week.  You should learn it and do this trick on your family and friends!

Here is a video of my favorite song ever!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It’s rock ‘n’ roll!


Book of the week!

 Everest Book 1:  The Contest

Great book by Gordon Korman, about kids competing to be the youngest person to EVER climb Mt. Everest.  Very good action and suspense filled book!

Get the Paperback edition

Get the Kindle edition

Thanks for listening!

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