BTW 003 – Pajama Days, Magic Tricks and The Magic Half (My favorite book ever!)

BTW PodcastHi!  Welcome back to my SUPER COOL website! 😉

Riddle of The Week Help!

The Riddle:  If you ask your mother for one egg, but she gives you two eggs.  You eat both eggs.  Who is better at math you or your mother?

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Links & Videos of the week!

Awesome Koo Koo Kangaroo song:

Book of the Week!

The Magic Half by Annie Barrows

Thanks For Listening!

Thanks again for listening and I hope that you are enjoying Between Two Worlds!  Also it would make me SO, SO, SOOOOO happy if you left me a rating and a review on iTunes!

So until next week, keep om reading and come back next week! 😛


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    John Munro says

    Just listened to the BTW review of The Magic Half. Great job! I love the history and literature combo. I will definitely keep reading!

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