BTW 009 – Old Cars, Movie Theatre Dates, and The Beach!

Hi everybody!  Welcome back to my freshly polished website…I know what you’re thinking right now.  How can a website be “freshly polished”?  Well, to tell you the truth, it isn’t actually polished but it sounds cool to say “Welcome back to my freshly polished website.”  Anyways, here is my usual website post:

Fun Facts & Joke of the Week!

Fun Fact No. 1

Once there was a man who got a speeding ticket for 100,000 dollars!  The man was driving at 180 in Switzerland.

Fun Fact No. 2

Toyota is the world’s largest car company.  They make 13,000 cars every DAY!  

Fun Fact No. 3

It would take less than six months to get to the moon by car at 60 mph or 95 kph.

Joke of the Week!

Joke Man:  What do you call a witch at the beach?

Sadie:  Hmmmmmm… that, Mr. Joke Man, is an extremely good question.  I really just do not know!

Joke Man:  A sandwitch! (sandwich)

Links and Videos of the Week!

This week I (again) didn’t say specifically what videos I would put this week so I will just put a cool video for you to watch!

This song is called Queens of Noise by The Runaways!

Book of the Week!

The best comic series that has ever existed!  Welcome to… Archie Comics!

Here is a link to the Archie Comics website, where they have tons of awesome comic books:  Archie Comics.

This is one of the big Archie jamboree books that I have:

 Thanks for Listening!

Once again thanks for listening and I hope that you enjoyed!  Please go to iTunes and leave me a rating and a review if you haven’t already!  I hope that you come back for more fun next week!  So until next week, keep on reading and come back next week!

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