BTW 011 – Potions, Broomsticks, and Why I Have to Always Read the Book First!

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button picFun Facts & Joke of the Week!

Fun Fact No. 1

JK Rowling filled five notebook pages with made up “Q” words before she came up with “Quidditch”.

Fun Fact No. 2

JK Rowling went from being unemployed to becoming a multi-millionaire in five years.

Fun Fact No. 3

JK Rowling’s parents met at King’s Cross Station, where Harry takes the Hogwarts Express each year.

Joke of the Week!

Joke Man:  What do you call a dead person in a closet?

Sadie:  I don’t know!

Joke Man:  A 1918 hide-and-go-seek champion!

Links and Videos of the Week!

This week–instead of a link or video–I will put the recipes from my Harry Potter Potions Class!

Here is a list of wacky ingredients you might need:

Dragon Blood: Cranberry Juice

Horklump Juice:  Lemonade

Unicorn Blood:  Cream Soda

Mermaid Tears:  Sprite

Pond Slime:  Partially mashed kiwi

Puffer Fish Eyes:  Grapes

Bat Spleens:  Gushers (any flavour)

Octopus Powder:  Tang Powder (Orange)

Ground Mandrake Root:  Cinnamon

Exploding Ginger Eyelash:  Rum extract

Snake Venom:  Vanilla extract

Infusion of Wormwood:  Pumpkin pie spice

Swamp Foam:  Kool-Whip

Flobberworm Mucus:  Butter

Pumpkin:  Canned pumpkin

Gillyweed Stings:  Rice Krispies

Marvelous Marshmallows:  Marshmallows


Here are measurements that you will need:

Measure – 1 cup

Small measure – 1 quarter cup

A pinch – 1 TBSP

A dash – 1 TSP

Juice from a… – Squeeze out the juice from inside


Here is the recipe for the love potion, Amorentia:

Add the following ingredients in a large mixing bowl:

5 Puffer-Fish Eyes

A pinch of Octopus Powder

4 small measures of Mermaid Tears

Measure of Dragon Blood

Juice from 4 squeezed Bat Spleens

Now mix them all up and drink it!


Here is the recipe for Pumpkin Pasties:

INGREDIENTS:  1 – 1/2 pinches Flobberworm Mucus, 20 Marvelous Marshmallows, 3 Measures Gillyweed Stings, 1 Small Measure of Pumpkin, ½ a Dash Infusion of Wormwood and ½ a dash Ground Mandrake Root.


Microwave 1-1/2 Flobberworm Mucus in a large microwavable bowl or until melted.  Add Marvelous Marshmallows; toss to coat in butter. Microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds, or until the Marvelous Marshmallows puff, stirring every 45 seconds until the Marvelous Marshmallows are completely melted and mixture is well blended.  Now, add Pumpkin, Infusion of Wormwood and Ground Mandrake Root.  Stir in cereal.

Press the mixture onto a cookie sheet.  Cut into squares or shapes as desired.

Book of the Week!

This is the best series EVER if you love magic, witches and wizards!






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