BTW 013 – Fun Facts, Fun Facts, and Then the Joke Store!

Welcome to my website, Earthlings.  Or are you Earthlings?  Maybe you don’t come from Planet Earth!  Maybe you come from Planet Saxaphonex like a character in my novel that I’m writing!  Well, you probably don’t come from a different planet, but just to be on the safe side if you come from a different planet, then please leave  Thank you for your convenience.  Anyways….here is the usual website stuff!

Joke of the Week!

Joke Man:  What does a spy do when he gets cold?
Sadie:  Hmm…I don’t know!  What does a spy do when he gets cold?
Joke Man:  He goes undercover!

Links and Videos of the Week!

This is a link to an awesome video on the Ology youtube channel: The Disappearing Dot!
Here is the link to the Guinness Book of World Record’s totally AWESOME kids website: Kids Record Website!

Book of the Week!

Here are Amazon links to Spyology, the book that I used in this episode:

 Thanks for Listening!

Once again thanks for listening, it means a lot to me!  I hope that you liked this special episode and if you did, please tell your friends and their friends to listen to my podcast and leave me a rating and a review on iTunes or Stitcher!  So until next week, keep on reading and come back next week!

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