BTW 014 – Magical Curses, The Glass Slipper and, of course, The Charming Prince!

Hi’ya!  How y’all doing today?  If y’er doing good, well that’s darn toot’n good!  Hehe!  Sorry about the accent.  Oh well.  As long as you understood what I said, it dosen’t matter what kind of accent I was typing in!  Right?  Right.  Anyways, enough with all the chit-chat.  Here is the actual Between Two Worlds show notes!

Fun Facts & Joke of the Week!

Fun Fact No. 1

Snow White is the only Disney Princess to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This happened in 1987.

Fun Fact No. 2

Belle is the only Disney Princess to have hazel eyes.

Fun Fact No. 3

Ariel is the only Disney Princess to not be born a human.

Joke Store

Joke Man:  Why did Micky Mouse go to Outer Space?
Sadie:  Hmmmmm…I don’t know!
Joke Man:  To find Pluto!

Links and Videos of the Week!

Here is a video of how to make an awesome duct tape craft!


Book of the Week!

This is a book written from a girl’s point of view.  That’s why I think that mostly girls would like to read Ella Enchanted!






Thanks for Listening!

Once again, thanks for listening!  It means a lot to me!  Don’t forget to tell all of your friends about Between Two Worlds, as well as leaving me a rating and a review on iTunes!  So until next week, keep on reading and come back next week!


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      Sadie says

      Hi, Anika! It makes me smile to know that you love my podcast! I loved Ella Enchanted when I read it, too. And also, thanks for commenting! So…keep on reading and come back next week!


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