BTW 015 – Road trips, Arguments, and Family Reunions!

Well, look who’s here!  You must like Between Two Worlds, since you’ve kept coming back for 15 episodes!  Not that it’s a bad thing if you like my podcast!  I mean, if I didn’t talk on the podcast, it would still be my absolute favourite podcast!  Anyways, enough with the chit-chat!  Now here are the usual show notes!

Links and Videos of the Week!

Here is a link to the AWESOME podcast that I was interviewed on: Write2BRead Podcast

Book of the Week!

This graphic novel is a quick read, but very very good!

Thanks For Listening!

Once again, thanks for listening!  I hope that you enjoy this episode and read Sisters, because I think that you won’t regret it!  So until next week, keep on reading and come back next week!

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