BTW 012 – Time Travel, Dinosaurs and Green Buttons!

Hello!  Boy am I glad you came back!  I was worried that since this is is the 12th episode you would get bored and not want to come back!  But, I guess if you are reading this then that means you didn’t get bored and you did come back!  Whew!  But, if you do get excited and your parents tell you to calm down then press the Big Green Button and act like the dude you see!


Fun Facts and Joke of the Week!

Fun Fact No. 1

Dinosaurs are not extinct – Birds are living dinosaurs.

Fun Fact No. 2

Some dinosaurs had more than 1000 teeth.  All dinosaurs could replace their teeth at any time.  

Fun Fact No. 3

The average dinosaur was no bigger than a station wagon.  The smallest dinosaur was no bigger than a robin.  The largest was 3 school-buses long!

Joke of the Week!

Joke Man:  What do you call a sleeping dinosaur?
Sadie:  I don’t know!
Joke Man:  A dino-snore!

Links and Videos of the Week!

The link that I gave you this week is that Big Green Button at the beginning of the post! 🙂

Book of the Week!

This series by Mary Pope Osborne is one of those ones that make you feel like you are going on the adventure too!

Thanks for Listening!

Once again, thanks for not getting bored!  I hope that you keep listening to Between Two Worlds!  If you do, then, until next week, keep on reading and come back next week!


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