BTW 005 – A Suspenseful Book, Global Domination, and Giant Pink Arrows!

Hi!  Have you gone to iTunes and left me a rating and review yet?  Well, if you haven’t, then you should, because I have my ways of communicating with your parents.  I’ll make sure that you don’t get dessert for, hmmmmmm… let me see.  A whole MONTH!

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So anyways.  After you leave me a rating and review on iTunes, then come back and click where the arrow is pointing.  😉Arrow ep 005

Thank you.  Now here is the usual stuff I post for you:

Links and Videos of the Week!

Tell your parents about this podcast:  Hack The Entrepreneur.  It’s my dad’s awesomely awesome podcast!

Here is a link to a super fun board game:  Risk, the Game of Global Domination

Here is some Adventure Time for you to watch!


Book Of The Week!

Great book for thriller and suspense lovers!

Get it on Amazon:  Behind The Bookcase, by Mark Steensland.


Thanks For Listening!

Thanks again for listening and leaving me a rating and review on iTunes!  Let’s be friends!

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